Why You Should Hire a Life Coach

In a recession, investing in mentoring can pay off.


For a recent story on life coaching, I interviewed several coaches and clients who benefited from hiring them. Sometimes the coach provided extra confidence to launch a business or learn how to interact better with colleagues. In the case of style coach Rachael Shayne, she counsels people on how to feel good by looking good. (For example, people often wear pants that are too short, which ruins their silhouette. Pants should be about one half-inch off the ground with shoes on.)

While hiring a coach can seem like a wasteful indulgence during a recession, the people I interviewed told me that it was during tough times, or times of transition, that they most valued such targeted mentoring. Still, with the average coach costing around $500 per hour, it doesn't come cheap.

I recently hired a voice coach to help me improve my Alpha Consumer Podcast. While I haven't turned into Cokie Roberts over night, I do think that that my coach's advice will help me improve over time. Have you ever invested in a coach, and was it worth it?

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