13 Ways to Save Money with Hydrogen Peroxide

How to turn a simple product into a multi-use household cleaner.


Hydrogen peroxide, that watery substance that does such a good job cleaning out cuts, can often be used as a substitute for more expensive household cleaners. A 16-ounce bottle with a 3 percent concentration of peroxide typically goes for $1 or less, while spray bottles or jugs of harsher chemicals cost $4 or more. (Stay away from more concentrated forms of hydrogen peroxide, which can be dangerous if swallowed.) Try out these uses, which come from a widely-circulated Internet post and are backed up by research, and add your own below:

  • Rinse your mouth out with one capful of hydrogen peroxide instead of mouthwash. Some people say it helps prevent canker sores and keeps teeth white.
    • To clean your toothbrush, soak it in a cup of hydrogen peroxide.
      • Use peroxide to wipe off kitchen counters and kill germs. It smells much better than bleach.
        • Put peroxide on cutting boards, especially wooden ones, to kill bacteria.
          • Spray peroxide on fungus-afflicted feet each night.
            • Pour peroxide on cuts and skin infections. (Bonus factor: Kids love to watch the blood fizz away.)
              • Clean toilets and sinks with peroxide.
                • Spray peroxide into your nose when you have a cold or stuffed up sinuses.
                  • Apply peroxide to toothaches before you can make it to the dentist.
                    • Spray peroxide on your hair and then go out into the sun if you want to lighten your locks.
                      • Mix some peroxide into your bath water to help sooth irritated skin.
                        • Substitute peroxide for bleach in your white load of laundry to whiten up those whites.
                          • Instead of Windex, use peroxide to clean mirrors.
                          • Please share your own peroxide uses below.