Nadya Suleman Gets a New House

Her financial problems seem solved, for the moment.

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Ever since giving birth to eight newborns, who join the six kids she already has, Nadya Suleman has faced the daunting challenge of paying for 14 kids. With the Agriculture Department estimating that the total cost of raising each child up to age 17 is around $204,060, her bill could come out to roughly $2.9 million. (That figure doesn't even include college costs.)

But now, the so-called Octomom's financial life just got a little bit easier. TMZ, People, and the LA Times are reporting that Suleman just purchased a new, larger home for $564,900. Her father apparently made the purchase, with funding help from public donations. Meanwhile, Suleman will accept nursing help from the nonprofit Angels in Waiting, a deal that was originally in question because the group specified that they did not want to be part of any potential reality tv show. The nonprofit says the help, which will be provided at no charge, would normally cost around $135,000 a month.

So it seems that through a combination of luck and the outpouring of support from an initially repulsed public, Suleman will be able to pay for her mega-size family. The outcome is somewhat surprising, given the vitriol that so many have expressed towards Suleman. One smart decision that helped Suleman has been her outreach to the media, some of which she's been paid for. After two of her publicists quit, Suleman herself has been hitting the airwaves every few days, speaking out and defending her reputation. That seems to have helped convince some people, at least, that they want to help -- if not her, then her eight tiny newborns. For more on Nadya Suleman, read:

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