Shop Discount Groceries and Save $1,000

Going from Whole Foods to a cheaper chain can net $5,000.

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If you could save over $1,000 a year by shopping at a discount grocery chain, would you do it?

A survey from Washington Consumers' Checkbook shows that families that would spend $150 a week if they shopped at average-priced chains, such as Safeway, could save $1,326 by shopping at the discount store Bottom Dollar Food -- or spend $3,510 more by shopping at Whole Foods. While the survey focused on Washington, DC-area stores, the same principle applies across the country: Shops sell food, and often the exact same name brands, for very different prices. By switching from Whole Foods to Bottom Dollar Food, customers could save almost $5,000 a year. That figure might be enough to scare you off those price organic brands for awhile. Washington Consumers' Checkbook also suggests making a shopping list and sticking to it, shopping store specials, checking online for coupons, and keeping track of what foods you throw away at the end of the week so you can buy less of them.

What are your money-saving grocery habits?