Restaurant Week Can Save Money

A reader shares her recession-friendly eating out tip.

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I just got this tip from Alpha Consumer reader Veronica Neilan:

Restaurant owners are hurting a lot due to the economy and cut in consumer spending. It's currently Dine In Brooklyn week, where a three-course meal can be had for $23 (not including drinks, tax, tip). A lot of restaurants in my neighborhood run daily specials regardless of Dine in Brooklyn week. I'm not advocating spending money if you can't afford it, but there is nothing wrong with going out once in a while to take advantage of a good deal. My friend and I went on Monday night to a restaurant and paid a total of $85 for our three-course meals, two glasses of sangria each, tax, and tip. We did leave 20 percent on the post-tax amount because the food and service were phenomenal. I am likely to go back again on their Wednesday night "all you can eat quesadilla/all you can drink sangria" special that is $16.95.

Most cities feature a regular "restaurant week" where similar deals can be found. (Just do a web search for the phrase "restaurant week.") If you've been craving a splurge at a nice restaurant without over-the-top prices, this could be your answer.