How to Save $30 a Month on Cable

A simple call or E-mail can reduce your bill.

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My co-worker Russell Heimlich accomplished something amazing: He shaved $30 a month off of his Comcast cable bill. I asked him to explain how he did it.

He wrote a simple email to Comcast customer service: "My monthly bill has creeped up to over $200 including digital cable, high-speed internet, and Comcast digital voice. I never use the digital voice service so can I cancel that and then lower my bill?" He included his account number and added a postscript asking why he got charged $19.95 every month for "bundled service," instead of receiving a discount.

Within a couple days, a Comcast representative called him and reduced his bill to $170.69 plus a $17 credit. That rate is good for a year. So basically, Heimlich just saved himself $377 for the year just by sending an E-mail.

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