"Active Savers" Start Early and Often

A new survey finds that people who save a lot share common traits.

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A new survey released by HSBC Direct today found that all consumers are not created equal. We can be divided into "active savers" and "everyone else."

Active savers, who make up about 22 percent of online Americans, tend to save more, even when they're not doing it for any particular reason. You are probably an "active saver" if you:

  • Have been saving money since you were a child.
    • Learned the value of saving from your parents.
      • Put some money away each month.
        • Pay attention to financial news web sites.
        • Even if none of those statements describes you, there's still hope: Kevin Martin, executive vice president of personal financial services at HSBC, says that anyone can learn to be a saver. "Just as with being a great scholar or in sports, it's easier if you learn early, but like anything, with the right amount of discipline, you can start anytime," he says. He recommends starting by visiting the bank today and arranging for 10 percent of your salary to be direct deposited into a savings account.