Nadya Suleman, Jon & Kate: Making Money on TV

Celebrity parents trade privacy for much-needed cash.


Over the weekend, Nadya Suleman inked a deal with a British production company to start filming a reality television show, which will focus on key milestones in her kids' lives. Outsiders have long speculated, on this blog and elsewhere, that the so-called "Octo-mom" would seek some kind of television deal in order to pay for the high cost of raising 14 children. (She gave birth to 8 babies at once earlier this year and already had 6 older children.)

While Suleman has already fallen under criticism for the decision to put her kids in the spotlight, the television show will likely give her the financial stability that she desperately needs. How else could a single mother who has said she previously lived off of student loans support such a large family?

The challenge of paying for so many kids at once also seems to be what inspired Jon and Kate Gosselin, stars of Jon and Kate Plus 8, to sign up for another season of their hit TLC show, despite the downside of having paparazzi follow their every move. (Lately, those moves have included trouble with their marriage and accusations of infidelity.) While there's no doubt that these parents need financial support, is it worth the price they seem to be paying? Kate Gosselin's brother and sister-in-law have spoken out publicly against her, and Kate appears to be isolated from other members of her family, as well. Kate's brother and sister-in-law have also accused the couple of exploiting their children by putting them in front of cameras so much.

But what alternatives do Suleman and the Gosselins have? How else could they earn the millions that it takes to raise so many children? Fame could be one of their few options.

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