Paying Someone Else To Do Your Chores

Why outsourcing domestic work can be a good idea.

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I've always liked the idea of outsourcing certain domestic duties. Sure, it's more expensive to pay someone to clean your home than to do it yourself, but if your energy would be better used elsewhere, then it can be worth it. When I put out a call on Twitter for people who choose to outsource their chores, I heard from others who feel the same way, including Madame X of My Open Wallet. When she lived in a Brooklyn apartment building without washers and dryers, she had to do her laundry at the laundromat around the corner. As anyone who has used a laundromat knows, walking back and forth and waiting for yoru clothes can be a time consuming process.

So Madame X, who prides herself on her financial prowess, started dropping off her clothes at a local cleaners, which ended up costing her just a few extra dollars per week. Plus, they return the clothes folded. "It was a small luxury that was totally worth it," she says.

For more on deciding whether or not it's worth the money to outsource your chores, please see my full article on the subject: "Why You Should Outsource Domestic Chores Now."