Tax Tips Before April 15

Are you ready to pay up to Uncle Sam?


This week's Carnival of Personal Finance -- a weekly roundup of all that's best in money tips -- focuses on that looming deadline, April 15. This week's host, The Wisdom Journal, also reminds us that we shouldn't feel too badly about ourselves if tax time always gets us down, because it's snagged even some of our top politicians. He reminds us that Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner got into trouble during his confirmation hearings for failing to pay self-employment taxes. (Geithner blamed Turbo Tax.)

Here are some top tax stories to get you in the right frame of mind: 

  • Why You Don't Need to Rush Out and Take Advantage of the Expiring Housing Credit
    • Claiming Dependents on Your Tax Return
      • Do Not Pay Your Taxes with a Credit Card (Does anyone actually do that?)
        • My Effective Tax Rate is Under 5 Percent
        • Alpha Consumer also recently covered the myth of the baby tax credit and the lowest tax states for retirees.