How Much Does Birth Control Cost?

Compare the expenses of 12 popular methods.

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MethodEffectivenessCost Per YearBirth Control Pills95 percent$160 to $600Birth Control Patch95 percent$160 to $600Cervical Cap77 to 83 percent$35 to $60Condoms85 percent$150Diaphragm85 percent$60Fertility-Awareness75 to 88 percentFreeIUDs99 percent$100 (varies)Shot (Depo-Provera)99 percent$220 to $460Sterilization99 percent$30 to $200 (varies)Vaginal Ring (NuvaRing)95 percent$160 to $600Vaginal Sponge68 to 84 percent$500Abstinence100 percentFree 

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Sources: FDA, Planned Parenthood, the American Pregnancy Association, and the author’s calculations and estimates