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December 2007

Bush Faces a Long Legal Battle With California

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The concept of the White House throwing out all the bad news at 5 p.m. on a Friday, when it is sure to get minimum press coverage, was immortalized in the great "Take Out the Trash Day" episode in the first season of The West Wing. Well, the Bush administration's decision on California's climate ...

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White House
energy policy and climate change
car manufacturers
Schwarzenegger, Arnold
Levin, Carl
Feinstein, Dianne

How the Senate Tide Turned Against Wind and Solar

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When the Democrats first took over the Senate early this year, the one energy bill the leadership was confident it could pass was a renewable portfolio standard, or RPS—a requirement that at some time in the future, utilities will generate a higher percentage of their electricity from wind, solar,

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energy policy and climate change
Republican Party
Democratic Party
renewable energy

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