Is Robert Rubin a No-Go as Hillary's Veep?

His reputation could be tarnished by the credit mess at Citigroup.


Yes, I know that Robert Rubin's expanded gig as chairman at Citigroup probably won't be a long-term one. (Man, that guy could not have seemed any less excited if he had been appointed economic minister of Zimbabwe.) But the Citi mess may have put the kibosh on any chance of his being the vice presidential selection of Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton. Rubin's name came up frequently in 2004 as a possible running mate for John Kerry, and it is easy to see how he might be an interesting pick in 2008 as a sort of Lloyd Bentsen type who would evoke memories of the go-go Clinton era. It would be tough to bash Republicans for the housing mess and credit crunch, though, when the Dem veep nominee is caught up right in the middle of all of it.

Clinton, Hillary
2008 presidential election

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