Ways to Boost the Greenback

An economy-killing rate hike isn't one of them.

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Market guru Ed Yardeni of Oak Associates offers a fix for the falling dollar:

So far, the weak dollar hasn't caused the dire consequences predicted by those who (rightly) have been most bearish on the dollar for the past few years. Bond yields haven't soared and neither has inflation. This statement isn't completely accurate. Corporate credit quality spreads are widening significantly and food and energy inflation have risen sharply. The benefits of a weaker dollar should also be put in the balance. US exports have gotten a lift and US profits have gotten a boost from the weak dollar. Those who advocate a stronger dollar mostly endorse policies that would depress domestic demand in the US. These Puritans are basically favoring a recession to purge the US economy of its excesses. So they believe the Fed is making a mistake by lowering interest rates. Most of them are very wealthy individuals, who would remain very wealthy even during a recession. I would prefer to see another round of significant and permanent cuts in marginal tax rates on personal incomes and capital gains, and a big reduction in the corporate tax rates as the best way to lift the economy and the dollar.