A McCain-Romney Merger

The two rivals should confer on economic policy ideas.

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John McCain is supposedly working up a broad tax reform plan. But he might want to save himself some time and just flat out steal Mitt Romney's tax plan as well as his spending plan. (Maybe make Romney an economic adviser if he ever quits the race.)

Romney's plan to eliminate investment taxes on anyone making $200,000 or less might have great appeal to anyone concerned about saving for retirement or the kids' college education, plus McCain could play up the long-term impact it would have on economic growth.

And while McCain has talked a lot about eliminating earmarks, he hasn't gone further to explain how he will broadly reduce spending. Romney, though, has proposed limiting discretionary spending to inflation minus 1 percent and seemed to embrace a Social Security plan that would return the system to solvency by indexing the payments to wealthier Americans to inflation rather than wages. Just a few interesting ideas for a campaign that is still light on domestic policy.

Update: Romney is suspending his campaign. My idea makes even more sense.

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