Who Are the Obamacans?

Pro-Obama GOPers don't seem to understand his proposed policies.


Supposedly there are legions of Republicans ready to support Barack Obama over John McCain. It has been my assumption that many of these people don't realize Obama is for not only huge tax increases but huge increases in government spending and regulation, too. (As Francis Bacon said, "Hope is a good breakfast, but it is a bad supper.") If you doubt my assumption, just read this posting from a self-described Republican over at Obama's website with the title "Why Reagan and Obama are the same":

I saw three things in President Reagan which I see in Mr. Obama:

  • True leadership
  • True vision of a better tomorrow
  • True passion and conviction to get the job done

It may seem odd to many to compare Reagan and Obama. However, I think the comparison is valid. Look back at how President Reagan showed America his vision for tomorrow. He showed us a safe, strong America where people had a chance to better themselves and grow in a free society. Mr. Obama has laid out a strong vision for tomorrow of a government by the people and for the people about the people. President Reagan had a way of communicating with America that showed them exactly where he was taking us and Mr. Obama also has a way of communicating his vision clearly and in a way which people can understand. President Reagan had an undeniable conviction in his vision and Mr. Obama also demonstrates that he has a conviction which is real. Only Time will prove this point however. ...Why have I decided to change from my long time Republican views? Well for the most part I am still conservative, but I am disheartened with many of the policies of the past eight years and I just see more of the same from Mr. McCain. So Mr. Obama, if you read this blog in your spare time please take note that you have changed at least one republican over to your camp. Now please keep government small, balance the budget and don't take us back to a world of entitlements and special interests.

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