Nader's In, So How About Paul?

A third-party bid on the left could open up room for one on the right.

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So Ralph Nader is going to give it another go. Might libertarian Ron Paul yet join him? It would seem that there is even more room on the right than on the left for an independent bid. Look at it this way: John McCain, Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton all agree that 1) the Bush tax cuts were too focused on wealthier Americans; 2) the government needs to create a cap-and-trade system to deal with carbon emissions, essentially an energy tax; 3) there is something unseemly about corporate America these days.

Now I will note that Paul has seemed focused on retaining his Republican House seat in Texas, and the betting markets give only a 5 percent chance to a third-party run by him. Maybe Paul could run, and he and Nader could come to an agreement: Nader would get on the presidential ballot only in deep red states and Paul in deep blue states, so neither would influence the final result—yet they could make their points and positions better known.

Nader, Ralph
Paul, Ron
2008 presidential election

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