Capital Commerce vs. the (In)Curious Capitalist

Do the presidential candidates want a bold economic idea? Try slashing payroll taxes.

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It could have been a blood feud right up there with the Yankees and Red Sox, humans and Cylons, and Luskin, and Krugman. But as much as I tried to whip up a cyberspace cage match with Justin Fox, the economics columnist and Curious Capitalist at Time, Fox just wouldn't bite. See, I recently posted a brief-but-masterful takedown of his cover story "How the Next President Should Fix the Economy" by countering with my own "5 Ways the Next President Can Fix the Economy".

But instead of hitting me across the back with a folding chair—or the journalistic equivalent thereof—Fox calmly critiqued my response in his blog, agreeing with some points, objecting to others. (He even added me to his blogroll—an obvious ruse.) Then again, the whole thing was probably vetted and watered-down by a legion of Time Warner corporate attorneys. I'm pretty sure Fox would have preferred to have given me a nasty forearm shiver, or the journalistic equivalent thereof. Oh well, back to my continued attempts at baiting Robert Samuelson at Newsweek and Lex at the Economist.


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