Merrill Lynch: Is Hillary Sabotaging Obama?

Top investment firm thinks ongoing Democratic campaign could give McCain the presidency.

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This from David Rosenberg, the North American economist at Merrill Lynch (bold is mine):

Barack Obama moved closer to the DEM nomination after yesterday's victory in Oregon (despite Hillary's resounding victory in KY, Obama went into yesterday's primaries needing just 17 delegates to garner a majority and the way the DEMS allocate votes, he came out with more than 100 new delegates yesterday evening, putting him over the top). We're not going to claim to be political junkies, but all this is highly reminiscent of the intense battle between Gerald Ford and Ronald Reagan back in 1976 that also went all the way to the convention (Ford ended garnering barely more than 52% of the delegates)—and what happened when all was said and done was a Jimmy Carter victory as the GOP was still in healing mode during the presidential campaign (maybe this is why Hillary wants to take this to the finale—Reagan took the White House in resounding fashion in the next election in 1980).

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