McCain's Phantom 100 Nukes

His goal to build 100 new reactors may not do much to shift America from fossil fuels.


So John McCain outlined his energy security plan Wednesday. He wants offshore drilling, $2 billion a year on clean coal technology (carbon capture and sequestration) research, and the building of 100 new nuclear reactors, 45 by 2030.

About the nukes: It is my understanding that such a plan would merely replace our 104 aging nuclear reactors and thus ultimately do nothing to diversify America's energy portfolio away from fossil fuels. Indeed, the McCain campaign's optimistic estimates of being able to cap carbon emissions without damaging the economy depend on a 150 percent increase in nuclear capacity, not merely replacing existing capacity as reactors age. Something doesn't add up here.

Also, please read this insightful take by Larry Kudlow (Maximum Friend of The Blog) on McCain's energy plan.

McCain, John
energy policy and climate change

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