Fannie-Freddie Fiasco Helps Romney's Chances

His "fix-it man" reputation could be a major plus.

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One of the big knocks against the idea of Mitt Romney as John McCain's vice presidential nominee has been that a banker-businessman veep candidate presents the wrong image and vibe during a time when Wall Street seems to be in full meltdown mode because of its own failures. The "smartest guys in the room" look more like idiots right now.

But the more dour voters become, I think, the more focused they will be on how the candidates say they're going to turn around the economy. The person with the more persuasive plan wins, whatever his background. Plus, the problems at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac—entities created by the Fed—don't make the feds look like geniuses either. So Romney may have the perfect résumé for this election season, after all.

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