Putin and GOP Politics

Russia’s invasion of Georgia gives the energy issue new life for Republicans.

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Larry Kudlow's political analysis is spot on:

This is where the Tsar Putin warning should take us this political season. It's another huge Republican opportunity, led by McCain, to merge Obama's naïveté and inexperience on national security with his nutty reliance on the enviromaniacs of the left who still control the Democrats. I notice the Intrade prediction market, which downgraded the end-the-drilling-ban contract to 40 percent yesterday, has popped up the probability of that contract to 50 percent today.... All that's necessary is 41 votes to stop a budget spending bill that is likely to contain another one-year extension of the drilling moratorium. That would mean the moratorium is dead on Oct. 1; it expires Sept. 30. This will be the closest thing to an up-or-down vote on drilling. Do we really want OPEC, Hugo Chavez, and Tsar Putin to control our energy prices? Or will we be brave enough to seize energy independence?

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