The McCain Energy Meme

Combining it with the economy would create a powerful narrative.

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Over at The Next Right, Matt Moon notices, as I did yesterday, that energy=economy is a powerful McCain meme:

If McCain's many advisers and media consultants can come up with a strategy that merges the energy and economic messages, along with touting the "Commander-in-Chief" message on issues like Georgia, he can make a lasting impact from the GOP convention and afterwards. Patrick is going in the right direction with branding the GOP as "The Party You Can Afford," but here are a few more ideas for targeted audiences:

  • An energy policy that leads to lower prices at the pump will lead to lower prices at the grocery store.
  • Lower gas prices will also help small businesses that are heavily dependent on transportation, and will enable them to make investments in more jobs and more capital.
  • An "all of the above" energy strategy can create jobs and economic stability. Is Obama right that an alternative energy policy can create jobs? Yes, but at the expense of other jobs. Diversifying our energy consumption, both in the renewable and nonrenewable worlds, can lead to short-term job creation and long-term sustainability through innovation.
  • A comprehensive energy policy is the linchpin to comprehensive, broad growth in the economy. So, we should drill here and drill now.