5 Good Things About Obamanomics

I have found some positives, people!


Jimmy P. at the DNC—I chatted briefly yesterday with Obama economic adviser Austan Goolsbee while we were both roaming the halls at the Pepsi Center. I told him I would write a post about five good things in his boss's economic plan. (He didn't charm me. I was going to do it anyway. Really.) I already touched on this earlier today but I wanted to expand on it just a smidge. So here goes:

  1. Obama cuts taxes for the middle-class.
  2. Obama thinks growing the economy is an imperative.
  3. Obama thinks protectionism is bad.
  4. Obama hasn't bought into the theory that investment income should be taxed at the same high level as labor.
  5. Obama seems willing to consider a corporate tax reduction if subsidies and tax exemptions also were eliminated.
  6. So there you go.