Warner and 100 MPG Hybrids

Where will the energy come from to plug in the hybrid cars?

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Jimmy P. at the DNC—This from Mark Warner's keynote: "You know, America has never been afraid of the future, and we shouldn't start now. If we choose the right path, every one of these challenges is also an opportunity. Look at energy. If we actually got ourselves off foreign oil, we can make our country safer. We'll start to solve global warming. And with the right policies, within 24 months, we'll be building 100 mile-per-gallon plug-in hybrid vehicles right here - with American technology and with American workers."

Me: Where's the energy going to come from to power all those millions of cars plugged in every night across America? Renewables? Not yet. I don't see how this happens without more nukes, an idea Obama is decidedly cool on.

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