Obama's 'Spinal Tap' Moment?

The football stadium "temple" will look cool unless it looks ridiculous.

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Jimmy P. at the DNC— OK, so I am here at Invesco/Mile High Stadium and I finally have an up-close view of "The Temple," the Greek-column backdrop for Barack Obama's acceptance speech tonight. Actually, it looks like a tiny chunk of a mini-Parthenon. Sorry, but I can't help thinking of the "rockumentary" film This is Spinal Tap when instead of an 18-foot replica of Stonehenge being lowered on stage behind the rock group, an 18-inch replica comes down from the ceiling during a concert. But hey, I am sure it will look like a million bucks on television. I also saw singer Sheryl Crow warming up, as well as Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson.

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