Democrat Depression

Conventioneers had an extremely gloomy view of the economy.

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Jimmy P. at the RNC - Before firing up to cover things here in St. Paul, I wanted to clear out my notebook from the DNC. This is one of my favorite bits, the final poll I took of Democratic delegates. (Other polls are here and here.) I asked 24 of them whether the economy was in an expansion, a recession, or in a depression. The results are stunning, I think, given that on the same day I took the informal survey, the Commerce Department reported that the economy grew at a revised 3.3 percent annual pace in the second quarter. The numbers:

1) 12 percent said "expansion"

2) 25 percent said "recession."

3) 63 percent said "depression."

A quick fact check: We've only had one quarter of negative economic growth in the past year, unemployment is still below 6 percent, incomes were growing briskly from 2003-2007, and productivity has averaged more than 2.5 percent a quarter during the past year and a half.