McCain to Wall Street: Drop Dead?

The 2008 election may hinge on his decision to support the bailout or not.

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How the bailout turns! If John McCain came out against the Paulson Plan, effectively killing it, would he not a) likely vault back into the lead vs.Barack Obama by opposing a trillion dollar bailout—maverick style!—that voters hate even if they think it somehow necessary, b) lock up working-class, "Sam's Club" voters in places like Michigan, Pennsylvania and Ohio, and c) send the base into Palinesque waves of ecstasy since Newt Gingrich/Rush Limbaugh/ Conservative Blogosphere have been ripping the bailout to shreds?

But wouldn't McCain also risk a) forever alienating wealthy economic conservatives in Manhattan and Connecticut, b) looking like he is stabbing the White House in the back, and c) sending the markets into a death spiral?

And if McCain supports the Paulson Plan, doesn't he risk tossing away all the good will he had built with conservatives by picking Sarah Palin as his veep? McCain might have to choose between winning an election or losing an economy.