Where's McCain's Middle-Class Tax Cut? Stuck in 2000

The GOP nominee has ceded the issue to Barack Obama.

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John McCain's lack of a clear and obvious middle-class tax cut is befuddling to economic conservatives. Here, courtesy of First Read, is a bit from a town hall meeting on a college campus when McCain was running for the GOP nomination eight years ago: "I think middle-income Americans, working Americans, when the account and payroll taxes, sales taxes, mortgage pay—all of the taxes that working Americans pay, I think they—you would think that they also deserve significant relief, in my view. I think the first people who deserve a tax cut are working Americans with children that need to educate their children, and they're the ones that I would support tax cuts for first."

Me: 1) McCain has failed to explain why his corporate tax cut is actually a wage-booster for workers. 2) McCain has failed to steal a clever idea from Mitt Romney and apply a zero capital-gains rate for 401(k) nation. 3) McCain failed to offer a big tax idea like a dual-rate tax system—25 percent and 15 percent—or even a flat tax. I recently drove from D.C. to West Virginia, and I saw this sign over and over on the side of the highway: "Obama. Lower Taxes." I think that explains McCain's 10-point deficit, yes?

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