Ronald Reagan on Election Night, 1980

I don't think any American would disagree with this speech.

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It's been a long week and think we could all use some of this. It's the Gipper from Nov. 4, 1980:

"You know, Abe Lincoln, the day after his election to the presidency, gathered in his office the newsmen who had been covering his campaign and he said to them, 'Well boys, you're troubles are over now, mine have just begun.'

I think I know what he meant. Lincoln may have been concerned in the troubled times in which he became president but I don't think he was afraid. He was ready to confront the problems and the troubles of a still youthful country, determined to seize the historic opportunity to change things. And I am not frightened by what lies ahead and I don't believe the American people are frightened by what lies ahead. Together, we're going to do what has to be done.

We're going to put America back to work again. You know, I aim to try and tap that great American spirit that opened up this completely undeveloped continent from coast to coast and made it a great nation, survived several wars, survived a Great Depression, and weĐ“­ll survive the problems we face right now."

Reagan, Ronald