Xavier Becerra: U.S. Trade Representative

He thinks America's free trade system is "completely broken."

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Xavier Becerra will be the next U.S. Trade Representative. Is this a good pick for free traders?

1) America's free trade system "is not only broken but it is broken completely," Becerra said back in 2006 when he argued against the Oman Free Trade Agreement.
2) Says he regrets his vote against NAFTA. Opposed CAFTA but voted for the Peru FTA. Voted to admit China to the WTO. Has a 39 percent rating from the Cato Institute on free trade. Voted against withdrawing from the WTO.
3) Listen to this Daily Kos poster: "If Becerra accepts than it should be a hallelujah moment for progressives and advocates of fair trade. For starters, Becerra is a member of Sen. Bernie Sanders Progressive Caucus, which has long pushed congresses for fairer trade deals.

Me: More to come, but at this point it looks like Becerra is in the Democratic mainstream that has turned its back on the Clinton-era free trade policies. But more to come ...