Big Government and the GOP

Are the Obama deficits planting the seeds for a Republican comeback?

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Rich Lowry makes some interesting points about the future of Big Government and the GOP:

I wonder if the excesses of the bailouts and the stimulus package will make big government politically vulnerable in a way it hasn't been in more than a decade by, 1) Again associating government spending with Washington irresponsibility through the truly dramatic new numbers for the deficit and the debt; 2) Intertwining government with Wall Street/corporate America in a way that makes it possible for a Main Street conservatism to run against both. There may be point here at which a Mike Huckabee populism and a Steve Forbes free-market economics can meet. There's usually a reaction to every action in American politics, and while the Democrats and Obama have basically a free hand to expand government in the current environment, you can already feel the backlash building.

Me:  Look, the deficit is about to baloon to truly monstorus levels. And at the the same there is a good chance the economy, as perceived by most Americans, is going to stink on Election Day 2010 and Election Day 2012. I can see a Republican candidate for congress or the presidency saying the following.

Well, folks, we just let Washington spend trillions of our kid's money and all we got for it the longest economic disaster than anyone under 70 can remember. It's kind of like we all got so scared in 2008 that we all went a little crazy and got a little absent-minded. We forgot that private enterprise isn't the Big Money Guys on Wall Street, it's entrepreneurs starting new business and workers thinking up new and better ways to do their jobs.  We forgot that Washington can a do a few things alright, big Big Government isn't so good at mutlitasking. We forgot that America's deep strength lies outside the 212 and 202 area codes. So let's get back to what really works, what turned America into the world's richest nation -- rewarding people who work hard and create and take risks to build the companies of tomorrow that will compete in the global economy.  Not the bureaucrats. Not the politicians. Not even the traders on Wall Street.

Something like that. Also, cutting payrolls taxes for familes.