Kudlow: Kill the Obama Stimulus Plan. Kill It Dead.

Opposition to the Obama plan is growing.

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Larry Kudlow brings some needed clarity to the Obama stimulus proposal as only the Great One can:

And in what may prove to be the biggest stimulus-package hurdle of all, news reports suggest that Team Obama is contemplating as much as $2 trillion in TARP additions to rescue the banking system in one form or another. That would be $2 trillion on top of the nearly $1 trillion stimulus package. Government spending, deficits, and debt creation of this magnitude is simply unheard of. So the added TARP money will surely imperil the entire stimulus package as taxpayers around the country begin to digest the enormity of these proposed government actions. Financing of this type would not only destroy the U.S. fiscal position for years to come, it could destroy the dollar in the process. What's more, the likelihood of massive tax increases -- which at some point will become front and center in this gargantuan funding operation -- would doom the economy for decades.

Me: Here is what Fed economist Emre Ergungor said about nations that undergo a big credit crisis:

Banking crises can have devastating effects on the economies of developing and industrialized countries. In addition to the taxpayer costs of recapitalizing the banks, banking crises have negative longterm effects on the economy, such as slow growth, high interest rates, and lower living standards.

This seems to be right where we are headed unless we begin to adopt some pro-growth economic measures.