The Obama Stimulus Plan That Never Was

Instead we got a cautious mishmash.

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Ross Douthat echoes my point about the lack of policy imagination or guts among the congressional centrists who whittled down the Senate version of the stimulus package. In a way, I would almost be more excited about some crazy-ginormous $2 trillion plan that would have spent $100 billion on a new electrical grid and crisscrossed the country with bullet trains and covered the deserts with solar collectors. At least, there would some cool 1960s "can-do" energy and spirit in the darned thing. Of course, even better would have been a plan that acknowledged that while the government may cushion the impact of the downturn, it's going to be the private sector that restores prosperity. How about 50 percent Green New Deal and 50 percent Reaganomics 2.0?  Now there's your compromise. Well, there's always the next stimulus package.