Rick Santelli Rant: America Rants Back

The CNBC reporter has struck a chord.


CNBC's Rick Santelli seems to have struck a chord, at least with my readers. Here is one email:

Santelli is a new joe the plumber.  The challenge to obama is an american self reliance tradition that obama derides in favor of the harvard/belgian school of public policy.  The real gamble is obama risking trillions and hoping it will not drive up borrowing rates for the long term, that it will not encourage the 5% to cut back on realization of income and thus reduce tax revenue.  It is a huge gamble and audacity of hope is unaware of the risk.  It is a rational plan that makes sense in seminar rooms.  Or in a small country where everyone buys into the socialization program, or emigrates to america.  As you can see, my guess is the 5% will not cooperate.  They will sit out the next few years.  5% will no longer mean 250K but 100K.  Middle will be redefined downward.  Public sphere will increase its share of gdp, as belgium.  Lawyers will head off to civil service jobs instead of wall street.  Pensions will replace bonuses.  Rick santelli believes in eating what you kill, not tenure.

 Me: "The harvard/belgium school of public policy." Heh.

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