Meet The New Blog, Different From The Old Blog

Meet the new Cap Com blogger, Matt Bandyk.


Hi Capital Commerce readers! (and hopefully you haven't given up on this blog despite its recent silence.) Jimmy P has moved on to Reuters, where he's gotten off to a great start. I'll be trying to fill his shoes at Capital Commerce.

About me: I've covered many different subjects at US News, from country credit ratings to the stimulus package, but my main beat has been small business and entrepreneurship, and I've been writing a blog on that subject, Risky Business. I often touched on issues of economic policy on that blog, so Capital Commerce won't be a huge change for me.

This might be the most interesting time in my life thus far to be writing about economic policy (and when I say "interesting," I just mean that. Not necessarily in a good or bad way.) Has Washington replaced New York as the financial capital of the country? The world? I'll cover that and many other issues.

I always enjoyed Jimmy P's unique commentary and analysis and thought they were the best part of this blog, so expect to see opinions here. But because I can only write in my own voice, the nature of those opinions will probably be the biggest change from the old order.