Scam Artists Hit Twitter

Will Congress investigate tweet ripoffs?


We already have heard about how much many members of Congress love to tweet. Don't be surprised if within the next year, Congress starts talking about Twitter in a quite different way--holding hearings about what laws should be passed to protect the rights of vulnerable tweeters!

The Better Business Bureau reports about new scams that capitalize on Twitter:

The e-mail links to, a company out of Surrey, England. claims you can make $250-$873 a day working at home with Twitter. The Web site offers a seven-day free trial of their instructional CD-ROM for $1.95 to cover shipping. Buried in the lengthy terms and conditions are the details that the trial begins on the day the CD is ordered—not when it is received—and if the consumer doesn’t cancel within seven days of signing up, they’ll be charged $47 every month.

Congress has already held hearings about spam mail.