Do California Ads Promote Marijuana Use?

A controversial ad in the marijuana legalization debate.


The pro-marijuana-decriminalization group the Marijuana Policy Project is making big waves in California's debate over whether to legalize, tax, and regulate pot in order to raise revenue. Many national media sources are reporting on an ad the MPP is airing on California TV that argues the state is ignoring millions of willing taxpayers--marijuana smokers.

Well, the ads are intended to be aired on TV--the LA Times reports that several major local stations are refusing to air them. They were also rejected by an NBC affiliate in the San Francisco area, and ABC affiliates in LA and San Francisco.

Why? According to the San Francisco Chronicle politics blog, the stations fear that the ads appear to "promote drug use."

I think that argument is a bit strange, because if you think about it, taxed and regulated marijuana could actually be harder to obtain than pot in the status quo--especially for underage people. Have you heard of any drug dealers who ask their customers for ID?

Watch the ad and decide for yourself.