Disney Acquisition Of Marvel Raising Antitrust Concerns?

Is Disney getting too big with its purchase of the comic book giant?


Disney's $4 billion purchase of Marvel is pending to await shareholder approval and antitrust review. I didn't think that anyone would raise serious antitrust concerns. Most of the complaints so far have been worries from comic book fans that Disney will dilute Marvel's content.  Take this commenter from a comic news site:

Punisher will get reformed and turn into a cop, what Wolverine does best will be bloodlessly knocking people out with his claws, and Ultimate Cap will get neutered. They do it with everything, and they'll do it with Marvel.

But there is already some argument that the deal might be a case of one media giant getting a little too gigantic.  From one entertainment blog:

This is obviously my bias talking, but I hope the Obama administration’s regulators take a good look at this deal before allowing it to go through. In my opinion, Disney is already far, far larger than any single media company should be allowed to be.

I believe the regulators will let the deal sail through, but expect more public debate than we perhaps first thought.