Healthcare Reform: The Industries That Might Have To Pay

Which businesses would be taxed for failing to provide health coverage?

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The version of healthcare reform passed by the House would tax employers that fail to offer health insurance to employees if they are above a certain size—$500,000 in annual payroll (the Senate version takes a less aggressive approach.) That range covers about 13 percent of all firms in the country. What kinds of businesses are these?

The Small Business Administration just released some data that provides some answers to that question by revealing which industries have the most businesses with over $500,000 in annual payroll. These statistics show the number of firms within different industries grouped by payroll size. I crunched some numbers and found out the industries with the highest percentage of firms that would be susceptible to the employer mandate if the House bill's provision makes it into the final version of healthcare reform.

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  1. Management of companies and enterprises (80 percent of firms over $500,000 in annual payroll)
  2. Manufacturing (31.6 percent)
  3. Utilities (26.3 percent)
  4. Mining (26.2 percent)
  5. Wholesale trade (22.4 percent)