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May 2006

Will cellphones replace iPods?

I like instant gratification and might be willing to pay $2 or $2.50 to get a full-track tune anytime I wanted. But the price doesn't stop there. New music stores from Verizon and Sprint Nextel haven't managed to turn cellphones into polished music players, adding nuisance to the dollar price of ...

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Convenient online music, for a price

Convenience, or impulse indulgence, has its price. But how high? Sprint Nextel tested the limits when it put a $2.50 price tag on songs downloaded from its wireless music store, which opened late last year. That's more than double the going price for downloaded songs, and pundits predicted the ...

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Pro-environment PCs

Our black-and-beige PCs are going green. Environmental green, that is. And it's a change coming to the United States with little effort from Americans. Hazardous materials will begin disappearing from electronics on U.S. store shelves this spring as manufacturers race to meet new government ...

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Is geothermal heating worth the cost?

When it comes to cheap, renewable energy, nothing seems more reliable than sucking heat from Mother Earth. Geothermal heating and cooling has been around for 20 years or more, but it remains unknown to most people¬ówe didn't know about it until a friend installed it, and neighbors hadn't heard of it ...

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