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June 2006

Photos that are all wet

I drew some curious glances when I walked into the local pool carrying a shiny new digital camera. When I dived underwater with the thing, well, that started the questions. So the Olympus Stylus 720SW ($400, olympus.com) is an attention getter.

It was nerve-racking, though, testing its next ...

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A hiker's watch with GPS

I'm not one to wear those big sports watches. But Suunto has packed a striking mix of functions into its X9i model ($500, suunto.com/x9i), including perhaps the smallest GPS receiver sold. And while it sits high off the wrist, it's not too bad looking.

Suunto actually calls it a wrist-top computer,

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A disk with flashy flights

Lighting up a Frisbee isn't child's play. The inventors of the Flashflight tapped a number of modern technologies—most important, LEDs and fiber optics—to get a disk that not only would flash but fly.

Light-emitting diodes have been around since the 1960s, but recent advances have made them brighter ...

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Digital video–cheap and easy

Surprise: Digital video can be cheap and easy. The new Point & Shoot video camera from Pure Digital, also sold as the RCA Small Wonder, costs about $130, putting it at the low end of digital cams. Unlike other camcorders, it won't take still pictures, settings can't be tweaked, and it has no ...

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T-Mobile's Sidekick sticks with the young adult crowd

For the young set that get more of their chats in text than voice, T-Mobile is updating its unique Sidekick–a combination phone and messaging device, with the emphasis on the latter. The Sidekick 3 ($300 with a two-year wireless plan, $350 with a one-year) adds an MP3 player, expandable memory, an ...

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