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July 2006

Will high-def disks survive childhood?

I sensed a haunting beauty when watching a movie the other evening. I don't remember which one exactly, because I watched parts of several as I tested a high-definition DVD player--the RCA HDV5000.

The player lived up to the hype and reproduced the gorgeous images and sound that make high definition ...

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Online public libraries: information gold mine at your fingertips

Have you visited your local library lately? Better yet, have you visited its website? A startling array of resources may now be available online, including broad databases of publications, electronic books that can be checked out, and reference librarians who can be queried – all from the comfort ...

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Going retro to TV with antenna

We're cutting the cable. Our cable TV bill has crept up to $130 month, after enduring steady price hikes and ever seductive add-ons. Somehow we've let ourselves creep into the "Biggest Value Pak" from Charter cable that alone is costing us $75, before taxes. So we're jettisoning it, and we're not ...

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