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October 2006

Life on a Digital Hilltop

I chuckle when I see "HDTV antenna" on boxes near expensive TVs at electronics stores. We're watching great digital TV with nothing more than a $20 antenna, an old-fashioned dipole (rabbit ears) with a loop in the middle.

Granted, our reception improved immensely this week with a move across town.

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Two's Company but Three's a Crowd

The race for raw speed is taking a pause; now PC makers are pitching more "cores" to sell new PCs. And according to reports this week from chipmakers Intel and Advanced Micro Devices, the new multicore processors are going to help awaken a slumbering PC market.

Problem is, after living with one of ...

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Casting a Shadow Over Baseball's Tech Wizardry

The first potential deal breaker has cropped up in my plan to cut the cable to cable. My Cardinals are in the baseball playoffs, at least for now. But ESPN has rights to broadcast many of the games, and it's only available on cable or satellite. That might mean that Cards uniforms, the beloved ...

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Screens: Some Prices Have Bottomed Out

We always expect prices for electronics to fall, and the predictions are just that for most flat-panel LCDs and plasmas. But don't get too cocky this holiday season—there are blips on the screen(s).

Prices of cheaper panels, particularly the smaller LCD models that are popular as computer monitors,

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