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November 2006

Tips for the Road Warrior

The promise seemed so alluring: Dump my many chargers and wander the world with one power brick, enjoying a newfound lightness of being. The iGo everywhere delivers on the first half but not entirely on the second.

The iGo everywhere is a compact replacement for chargers that power portable devices,

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A Pearl That's Shining

Appealing to consumers with a sophisticated device like a BlackBerry communicator is a tricky proposition. Research In Motion, the BlackBerry makers, decided to do so with a sleek, shiny black handset called the BlackBerry Pearl, and it appears to be living up to its name. RIM's stock hit a 52-week ...

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Treo 680: A Millimeter Here, a Millimeter There

In toying with the new Treo 680, I was reminded of old commercials touting a cigarette that was "a silly millimeter longer." It seems Palm is hoping 2 millimeters can help turn the Treo, a traditionally stuffy business device, into something fun for consumers. That's how much depth that Palm ...

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