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December 2006

Dictation Software Lets the Words Flow

It's curious that a most modern of technologies–dictation software–prompted memories of mimeograph, a printing tech we used years ago to produce a daily newspaper at my high school. I'll explain a bit later.

The idea of talking to my computer has long intrigued me, but early tests of dictation ...

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Explorer 7 Makes RSS Feeds Simple

There's no excuse anymore for wasting time bouncing from website to website trying to keep up with the news. Even Internet Explorer, the browser still used by most PC users, now makes it easy to master RSS, the "really simple syndication" that brings the headlines to you.

The new version 7 of

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Seeking the Spam Filter in the Sky

Like everybody with an E-mail address, I've suffered in recent months from a surge in spam, that scourge of online life.

It was getting tempting to switch to a new antispam program, hoping for relief.

But don't bother, says Francis deSouza at Symantec, a leading Internet security firm.

That's the bad ...

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A Tap to the Earth's Warmth

Our geothermal heating and cooling system is installed and already saving us money. We know because we have hot water–or warm water, anyway.

As I described before, the

">HVAC system relies on the natural ground temperature to heat and cool our house. We had the system installed after learning we had ...

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Microsoft's Confusing Vistas

Microsoft released Windows Vista to business customers last week and reiterated that the new operating system would be available to consumers in late January. Now if we can only figure out which version we want.

I find the array of choices unnecessarily confusing, designed to benefit Microsoft alone ...

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