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January 2007

Skip Windows Vista as an Upgrade

The question of the day is whether it's worth upgrading to Microsoft's Windows Vista. From personal experience, my answer is no–unless you're willing to futz around with your computer or pay someone to do it.

Vista is an impressive upgrade to Windows XP, and it's definitely welcome on a new ...

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Atomic-Age Clocks That Set Themselves

Life has gotten just a bit easier at home by scattering around a few radio-controlled clocks, also called atomic clocks, that set the time automatically. No more wondering if we've got the right hour and minute, and no more resetting when it comes to daylight saving time or a power outage.

The new ...

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Jukeboxes for the Digital Home

The jukebox is joining the digital age, and what a beautiful thing it is. We're not talking bland, black-box media players sold by the PC world–no, it's Rock-Ola turning its nostalgic, '50s-era beasts into MP3-playing splendors.

Rock-Ola is a venerable name that may have helped inspire the term ...

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Juicing Up Rechargeable Batteries

Rechargeable batteries have their appeal, including cost savings over time and ecofriendliness, but they have been too inconvenient to be wildly popular. It's hard to keep them charged–the power fades quickly, much more quickly than in traditional alkaline batteries. You also have to charge them ...

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A Populist Challenge to Apple's iPhone

Many phones will step up to challenge the iPhone, over which analysts appeared all agog after Apple's announcement this week. In one effort, a phone called the "Neo1973" will enlist an army of developers around the world.

They'll go after a key aspect of the iPhone–that it is apparently closed to ...

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