Now Playing on TiVo: Me

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If you're getting bored with what's on your TiVo, maybe you want to tune into me and mine. Our own TiVo channel, that is. Eventually, there'll be lots of home movies of our boys and their exciting life of playgrounds and T-ball.

At least Grandma Dee in Florida might be excited. Her TiVo is now capable of downloading our home flicks, and she'll barely need to lift a finger. TiVo has partnered with One True Media, a photo- and video-sharing site that enables me to send videos and photos to anyone's TiVo, where they show up in the "Now Playing" list.

The service launched in test mode this week, and shows rough edges–I wrestled with getting my first set of videos to download. And uploading video takes some know-how, though the One True Media site makes it as painless as any.

Once set up–which meant punching in a long number to find my channel–downloading should be automatic. "We wanted to make sure it was easy for Grandma," says Tara Maitra, a vice president at TiVo who's helping expand the service beyond its origins in recording live broadcasts. TiVo also can now download movies, network shows, and other videos from the Internet.

The One True Media service is free to try for sending five files through the end of April. After that, the site implies you'll need one of its premium memberships, which start at $4 a month. TiVo recipients pay nothing, though they need a TiVo box that's connected to broadband Internet service. They also need an appetite for home movies.