Gubb, for Lovers of Lists


Finally, a way to always have my grocery list with me. Or hardware list. Or, just in case I needed it, my list of "who I have kissed" (with apologies to the Go-Go's "Girl of 100 Lists)." Always with me, as long as I have a cellphone and took time to enter them into Gubb.

Gubb is the service that every list lover has been waiting for. And, admit it, all of us rely on scribbled, outlined crib sheets at some time or another. Gubb has figured a fast way to get the lists to our cellphone or other wireless device, either in advance–or here's the real kicker–when we're out on the road and forget to bring one. Just text message a note via your mobile phone to Gubb, and the service immediately sends back a message with whichever list you want. It works and has been reliable over the past few days that I've tried it.

The service has its shortcomings, not the least of which is having to type your list onto its website, which appears so sparse as to seem a bit crude. But the site enables quick list building, or you can cut and paste lists from other applications. Gubb also is making available a programming tool to integrate list building with, say, your Outlook calendar. But that's beyond the scope of this column, and this columnist's abilities.

There are other list-keeping sites on the Web, but Gubb is the first I've stumbled across that enables such quick and ad hoc retrieval through text messaging. Others require you to schedule the sending of a list to your phone. And knowing when I needed my lists in advance would require, well, yet another list.

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