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June 2007

Ambient's Umbrella Forecasts as It Protects

The long-awaited Ambient Umbrella is almost here. It is a bit offbeat, using lights in its handle to signal the chances of rain, but it's a taste of more mainstream products coming from Ambient Devices. The start-up is maybe best known for its Orb—and now is ready with a wave of what the company ...

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Studio 11: Easy Video Editing, Hard Output

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Over the weekend, I had a great time editing some family video. Too bad nobody can watch it. This is a story of yet more frustration with software, in this case Studio 11 from Pinnacle.

I want to give Studio a glowing review. This is the most fun I've had with the actual editing process, as the ...

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Free the PDFs!

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Impress your friends and relatives: Send them your own PDF files. Anyone can be a master of PDFs, those Adobe Acrobat files arriving from distant senders that magically can be opened and read by anyone using almost any computer, whether Windows PC, Mac, or even Linux. It's easy now to create your ...

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Widescreen Is a Pain for Photos

Widescreen is all the rage when it comes to TV, and for good reason: Most movies, and now many TV shows, are shot to fit on a screen that is much wider than it is tall. But not most photos. So I'm frustrated with a recent purchase, an electronic frame for displaying digital photos, which forces me ...

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